We Are Busy Working For Our Clients

We don’t update our website as much as “they” say we should.  Why? Because we are busy working for our clients!  We are more interested in our clients than in Allen new pic websitesocial media or websites.  Our website is to help you find us.  We don’t spend a lot of time posting articles or information; we would rather meet you in person.  When you need a lawyer, call Allen Stoner at 256-355-7670.  We will give you all of our attention too!

2 Comments on “We Are Busy Working For Our Clients”

  1. Maria Palacios says:

    A Good Honest Attorney. That’s what he is. And I wanted to Give him my appreciation to Mr. Allen Stoner he is been helping me and my family alot we move from Texas to Alabama in 2006 by. 2008 I met Mr. And Mrs. Stoner wonderful. People I love the There honesty , and the time they take to meet with you. The hard work and Dedication to there Clients. He Help me with my husband. With his immigration matters. By the Way My Husband got his green card .Thank you both for the time you guys spend with us. And your help your honesty your hard work .

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